Over 500,000 Promotional Products to Choose from!

Print Shack offers the widest range of promotional items in the Tampa Area. Whether you want backpacks, travel kits, t-shirts, ballcaps, pens, tumblers or coffee mugs; we can place your company's brand on almost any product. Nothing succeeds like having your company's name in front of clients every day and promotional items are the best way to do just that.

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Promotional Products

promotional-products mugs mousepad notepads pens. Choose from over 500,000 different promotional products priced for the budget minded. Possibly the oldest form of marketing, based on the rule of reciprocity, promotional products have stood the test of time because they work. From a marketing dollar viewpoint having your company's brand sitting on a customers desk to be viewed hundred of times a day is one of the more cost effective forms of marketing long-term.


Making Promotional Products Return Dividends:

  • Choose items that will be used where business decisions are made. Office and desktop items such as notepads, coffee mugs, calendars, zip drives, stress balls and pens are prime examples. The one exception is golf since many business deals close on the golf course.
  • Unusual items or humorous promotional products can attract attention of other decision makers and put them in a pleasant mood. Associating your business with positive feelings is always a good thing.
  • Personalize them. As much as you like seeing your company's name on a product, the customer will like seeing theirs even more.
  • Choose promotional items that have a long shelf life to maximize your marketing dollar.
  • Some of the most popular items these days are metal sports bottles, reusable bags, thumbdrives or anything made in America or enviromentally freindly.




  • Oldest form of marketing based on rule of repriocity
  • Highly effective over time.
  • Although upfront cost may be high initially, it is well worth having your business name in front of clients day after day
  • We have the widest selection of promotional products in the Tampa area.